Design Concept   設計特色

The first luxury department boutique of ATTOS in China sits on #931, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai.  Once an old church, the building has been in use since year 1925.  Throughout its some 90-year history, the architecture has witnessed numerous historical moments and sacredness; the quiet presence is a manifest of peace and glory. Just a stone’s throw away sits world famous neighbors, including JIA, a Phillip Starck-designed boutique hotel, and Issimo, a renowned Italian restaurant, attracting plenty of art figures, designers, and fashion gurus.

Hope, Faith, and Love- A Visual Story Inside Attos

Looking afar through the shop window on Taihsing Road reveals a slow turning display shelf that works in ascending and descending motions .An LED screen located 4-meters high overlooking the street creates a strong focal point for passersby on the joint. Leading into the front entrance of ATTOS reveals at the center pole the biblical Tree of Life. A tree form symbolizing the Tree of Knowledge stretches upwards into the ceiling and extends into the surrounding edges as tree branches in a radial direction to climb downwards into the walls, aptly transforming into display shelves. Attached on the branches are acrylic fixtures to hold leather goods made by world-famous fashion houses.  More display platforms scatter around the first floor as a metaphor to man’s brokenness after sins in Eden. This is responded by the cross hanging high above on the ceiling—the perfect love of the Christ fulfills to brokenness, and makes life whole.

Located in the timepiece area at the 1st floor is a water pond that resides below a staircase. It is a token of faith- where baptism and rebirth takes place, men reconnect with the Father.  Following the steps into the second floor is a dedicated area for couture jewelries. There gems and precious stones sparkle in a casual, boundless atmosphere, next to the dining area where gourmet delicacies and fine wines are served.  The idea of abundance spun from luxury and food is a symbol of wonderful promises that only belong to the heaven.

The materials, including deck boards dismantled from old ships and recycled timber flooring, are in place to remind of Noah’s Ark, albeit ancient, but true witness of time.  The article board used for shelving is taken from recycled cargo boxing parts.

Article board is made from abandoned wooden materials compressed with high pressures; it is also the mostly commonly used packaging material for cargo shipment.  Attos offers a repertoire of luxury goods from all around the world, hence the idea of “shipping” is incorporated into the designs to hint that all of the handbags, shoes, and accessories are shipped from around world. The leatherwear here contains the highest of quality and stitching, while the pricing is rather friendly for the luxury quality offered. 

We try to create a space of familiarity through a selection of the most common materials. Besides the irregular form designed for the large LED screen and self-turning display platform, the belief of old is new is seen on the recycled materials: the wooden flooring was originally from a boat, and article boards used for display shelving is taken from retired cargo containers.  Other notable materials include a heart-shaped display platform, made from red acrylic of 8cm thickness that had to be specially ordered and shipped by air.

To elaborate on life inside the Ark, the designer uses deer horns and leather as ornaments to depict the ideas of birth, heritage, and covenants with the Lord.

ATTOS愛徒在中國第一家Luxury Department Boutique選址于上海市南京西路931號的一棟老建築中。該建築建於1925年,曾經是上海教會的舊址,歷經了無數古典榮耀時刻的洗禮,蘊藏生生不息的能量。也許正是這個原因,令其在低調之中亦能讓人感受到某種平靜而神聖的氣氛。如今,設計大師Philippe Starck在香港設立的第一家時尚精品酒店JIA Hotel與義大利餐廳Issimo也設址在此,吸引了來自全球的藝術家、設計師以及藝人等時尚界的品位人士。 


遠觀泰興路的落地窗可以看到一個個緩緩旋轉,高低起落的展臺,與4米高之LED螢幕,吸引著遠端目光。走進ATTOS的大門,進到眼簾的是創世紀故事中的生命樹由空間柱體中心點向上至天花,再進而下轉至四周壁面蔓延的商品陳列架,象徵著分別善惡以及生命之樹。沿著天花枝幹,垂落著一顆顆透明壓克力,裡面擺滿了世界品牌的皮件。一樓四周散佈著不規則的產品陳列台,寓意著人類因著伊甸園的犯罪而破碎;然而,借著旋高於天花的十字與相應的“完美的愛”- 耶穌基督的救贖,生命得以完整。


材質上呼應的是諾亞方舟的故事,老舊船上的甲板,二次利用的木地板,敘述一個歷經歲月洗禮的時空故事; 架上使用的刨花板,是常用於貨櫃裝箱的回收櫃體材料,軟裝上的鹿角,皮革,隨著設計師的手法,述說著方舟內動物的再生、傳承、與耶和華的約。