Design Concept   設計特色

This residence is located in a newly constructed building in a suburban area 20 minutes away from Taipei. A top business executive who leads a busy life with plenty of work travels around the world, the owner chose this mountain surrounding as his escape, where he could relax, read, enjoy operas, and invite friends over for a game of mahjong and tea tasting.

The east-meet-west style is a reflection of its owner. At entrance stands a wooden Chinese-styled lattice window, a treasure found during a business travel. Lying beyond is a bright space with open views. Keeping in mind of the vast travel experiences, the designer characterizes the space much the same as its master—western, straightforward, and open minded.

The long table in the study room is aptly designed to cater for mahjong games, reading, and dining for up to eight people. One end can be separated and function independently as a mahjong table with storage capacity.

The modern style open lattice shelf on the wall exhibits a souvenir collection from all around the world, wowing its guests with the versatility. The living room décor hints a slight seriousness, holding books and gifts, as well as memories.