Design Concept   設計特色

This project was fully attended by the designer in its one-stop design; that is, form drafting, planning, construction, interior, landscape, to space lease, all of the process was completed in one place.  The project owner is a company that takes pride in its cultural heritage, comparing its spirit to a Chinese inkwell – hard, sturdy, and last for centuries.  The company is run by a group of young managers who are mostly around 30 years of age.  Technology and Chinese cultures are the drivers to keep this enterprise moving forward.   

Chinese-style serenity fills the interior, stretching from the 1st level lobby, guest room, staff room, to conference room.  The designer aims to add hotel-like warmth to the office, giving it an unworldly touch and quality beyond an ordinary office.

With Chinese cultures in mind, the décor elegantly incorporates traditional elements into the corporate space, using plenty of wood and special lighting to achieve an unconventional visual effect.

The conference room is neatly laid out in balance between functionality and aesthetics.  Again, the cultural elements embedded give the space a sophisticated temperament, while the hallway is kept in a grace of minimalism, without displays or fixtures, except for the fresh flowers that dexterously compliments the space in elegance.  The designer allocates lighting in a plausible ration, refining the hallway far more than just a walk.

The spatial palette is remarkable in its interpretation of Chinese aesthetics.  Modernity meets tradition would be an understatement; the black-and-white and gray hues are blended with heavy wooden materials, achieving a neo traditional presence that makes this corporate space uniquely Chinese-flavored in a cozy mood.