Design Concept   設計特色

Mountain Hosanna

Hosanna is Hebrew, used to express praise to God.
The owner couple are devoted Christians who also host in-home fellowship activities every week. To accommodate for gatherings and free up the space, the original 4-bedroom layout was remodeled into 2 bedrooms, with the living room, dining room, kitchen area, and the study room redesigned with an open style.

This project is located by a mountain side near trees. The designer incorporated the elements of the surrounding into the interior, carefully masking the beams and poles that support the building structure with the concept of a mountain. The driftwood displayed at several corners is collected over time from various places, functioning as both furniture and a recollection of the past.

The illumination located high above shines down into the space like the sunshine between the mountains. The interior becomes radiant as the light reflects on the bright flooring, filling the space with balminess.