Design Concept   設計特色

B-15, the world’s largest iceburg which split from the Antarctic mainland and sliced into the ocean, broke down into B-15A, B-15M, B-15N, B-15P, … The 5,000 year old pure water floats in the ocean alone.

It can freeze anything to preserve its mighty power.

The design concept calls for awareness for saving ice burgs. The designer combines “the Iceberg” with “forever young” as a metaphor of iceburgs. 

The well disciplined display shelf is not willing to be assimilated by the arrogance. It is there to integrate with the customers, driving their minds of beautification towards their expectations and impressions. Without any fancy and deceiving factors, to preserve the essential elements for creating gorgeous appearances. 

The Sudden Appearance of the Iceberg

The newly iceburg formed is born with tremendous momentum, waiting at the foot of its mother for the greatest journey. The iceberg, with natural lines and angles, flows freely in the harbour leading the trend.

The reflection of light from the cliff (shelf) onto the iceberg (display) is protected and falls onto the stars (ingredients). 

The Cliff of the Ice Shelf

Over a thousand years of endurances, the surfaces are full of traces of history which the nature freely crafted over the years. The cliff is layered representing a ladder to the sky. Without the ancient pines and the naughty eagles, the cliff is taking a glance at the iceberg.

The Special Ingredients

Inside the highly hung bottle gourd contains the enthusiasm and devotions from the sages. Within the gridded boxes are never-ending time and beautification ingredients. The holy altar is filled with wine, dedicate to the followers, who deserve the ageless wellspring.

The Unity under the Ice Hat

Time has passed and left sketches on every face with amorous feelings. The crystal clear setting represents the youth and pureness. The mysterious white Antarctica mainland with surfaces covered with thick snow, saturated through the skin spreading into the inside. The stored energy within is so abundant that never dries. It is just waiting for unify and the praise of such.

B-15 - 南極冰架斷裂滑入大海而成的世界最大的冰山,隨著時間的崩解,又分裂成B-15AB-15MB-15NB-15P......這些封存了五千年以上最純淨的水,孤獨地在海洋漂流著。