Design Concept   設計特色

“Our cradle, the beautiful Formosa, is like a mother’s warm hug.

The proud ancestors look after our steps.

They remind us repeatedly, do not forget, do not forget.

They remind us repeatedly, hard work and determination is the road to a new world

From the song “Beautiful Island”

Formosa has been a mysterious island since four hundred years ago, a primeval forest of rare flowers and herbs surrounded by vast and wide seas. God gifted this land to the world and it remained unknown to man for a long time. Still, the island was eventually found, and that was the beginning of its twisted fate.

In the Ching Dynasty, men with braided ponytails and wusha hats came and inhabited this island. The land became acres and acres of sugar cane fields. Sugar canes were then made into brown sugar crystals. The glow from the crystals symbolized the golden treasure they had been searching.

Taipei Leechi was born within such a storyline, nurtured by the bountiful resources that the island of Taiwan has to offer. The designer embodied this rich history, and used it as inspiration to signify our love for this land.

The layered patterns of the counter design remind us of the land formation we once remembered. Just like the classic flavors of Taipei Leechi products. For over a hundred years, it always maintained that classic taste. It added excitement to what could otherwise be a mundane life – an element of surprise, yet familiar and undeniable.

Simple, clean, wood laminated display shelves in jasmine yellow showcase the beauty of this land. The layers of shelving not only represents a time when our ancestors labored over this newfound land, but their persistence and desire for perfection is also reflected in the ingredients of these products. That is what the customer remembers and looks for. When you are here, you can experience the story of this land through the curvy design of the in-store display, the fluid built-in sliding trays, moving gracefully in and out of the design, all tie into the heritage of Taipei Leechi and exhibit the elegance and sweetness of their products.

These delicious sugar crystals and quality ingredients will no longer be unattainable golden treasure between your lips. They are nature’s gifts, displayed under the warm yellow light. Our mother nature, the land we know as Formosa, shared with us her love and resources, and we should always remember to show our love, and remain grateful to her.