Design Concept   設計特色

In a mansion located on a peaceful alley of Ming Chuang East Rd, the music Por Una Cabeza, a well-known tango, is floating softly. Widely adopted by various movies, this tango perfectly echoed the life pattern of the sweet couple, the owner of the mansion, who have  been married for over forty years and still love each other as time goes by. The husband is fond of music while his charming wife is fascinated by art and enjoys cooking for her husband. So the design is focused on three parts: the living space within sound effects, the open dining space and the separated kitchen. 

The affection is dramatically created and the sophisticated distance, as tango dancing, is drawn from contrast feelings like calm and tease, idleness and passion, and seriousness and humor, that it forms love and exists in the mansion forever.  

Kitchen Dainties

Somewhere in the kitchen are invisible dainties that always turn into delicious dishes by the talented wife. The stainless board, shining as the light at dawn, reflects passion people had within sparkle wine and fine food. Here, whether guests or hosts, home is expressed extremely. A place filled with joy and a sense of security, where releases the bitters of life. 

The beautiful wife follows her husband’s steps faithfully and tenderly. She knows the art of one-step distance and always goes forward and backward perfectly. She captivates her husband with her femininity where lust is wriggling and seems to burst out anytime, into eternal affection.


民權東路靜謐巷弄裡的劉公館,一曲「Por Una Cabeza」正悠揚;這是在1935Carlos Gardel作曲、Alfredo Le Pera作詞的經典探戈舞曲,曾經是電影『女人香』、『魔鬼大帝之真實謊言』及『辛德勒的名單』中的插曲,廣受歡迎。而這首旋律也恰如其分地勾勒出本案男女主人結褵四十餘年恩愛的相處模式;男主人熱愛音樂,女主人熱愛藝術及享受為另一半烹調三餐,故空間安排主要著重於:音場客廳、開放餐廳及獨立廚房,並依此設計其專屬的生活空間。