Design Concept   設計特色

The Spatial Experience is Unspeakably Touching and Thrilling

Slowing our steps in the once flourishing scenery of the southern Yangtze River of red bricks, green tea and misty rain, we settle in the invisible home, away from the urban uproar. The design concept is to bring the nature into the space that welcomes every home comer by dimmer lighting (sensual form) and well-define space (straight forward character). The exquisite brownish grey stone at the entry expresses a first impression of stepping into the simplicity of nature. The stone connects to the memorable wooden cabinet along the direction of the light beam represent the unforgettable love that crossover two different space-times, which hides the universal energy, which last forever.

The transitions of flooring materials define the different functional spaces. Only a line of separation, the chestnut flooring of the living area supports the family comfortably. The setting of the sofa area represents the vision and ritual of a true ruler. In between the two eastern style white flax sofas is the high shelf with an unsophisticated, relax, yet elegant green. Book shelves to the left and right, like ancient trees, extend to the sky, books spread around the space in the form of ceiling light.

Who grant us for sumptuous? It must be God’s pamper! The designer retains the untreated plum timber and its strong cross pattern, highlights by the cross light trough, to celebrate life and fate.

The charm and calmness of the colour white perfectly matches the owner’s characters. Wood patterned white marble kitchen top represented the pureness of holy spirit. Three dimensional space is crafted by the invisible lights. The lucidity of the circulation between the kitchen and dining space is a showcase of living conveniences as well as entertainment. White background bedroom crossover with original wood colour transform a warm story. Functional aspect of the master bedroom has not been overlooked, the level of lighting in the en-suite is best for a soothing bath. Study area and spacious walk-in wardrobe efficiently utilizes the spatial arrangement. Room for children and guests are white in colour which unites with the overall design image.

Home is a spatial experience for memories and to yearn. The design utilizes natural materials with coloured lights and shadows to bring upon the grand, touching and relaxing atmosphere. Through this concept, a home is a real space which can be felt. Psalm 89:34 New American Standard Bible (© 1995) "My covenant I will not violate, Nor will I alter the utterance of My lips.”












家,是一個空間,是思念與回憶的製造機。設計師利用原始素材與顏色光影,帶出氣派、動人、悠閒的氛圍;這裡,家變成了一個真實感覺的空間。恰如聖經詩篇第8934節所說: 我必不背棄我的約,也不改變我口中所出。